Welcome to MyView

As a member of staff at Royal Holloway, MyView allows you to securely update your personal details and view your pay documents (payslips and P60) online. The portal is also available to casual workers and staff to enable them to submit timesheets.

Managers have additional access that allows them to see and submit key information related to their team and approve timesheets where required.

To log into the portal, user your College User Id (e.g.abcd123) and password

Service Information

There are no planned upgrades or system outages at this current time.

If you are experiencing problems accessing MyView or have any queries please contact:



The College Self Service Portal contains personal information. It is important that you access it in a secure environment and do not leave your account logged in and unattended.

Cyber Security

News and updates

The upgraded version of MyView will offer increased functionality, a user friendly interface, enables employees to update personal information and provides managers with the information for team management. Over the course of the ResourceLink Re-implementation project we will be adding more functionality and improving the quality of the HR information provided. For further information:

ResourceLink Re-implementation